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What I Did
A Link to the Past

Learn about the traditional arts of the Ifugao. It's a dieing art because the next generation tend to move to the cities seeking modern life styles leaving no one to pass on the skills. Meet the people who I trained with...

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What I Learned
Be Original & Make a Difference

Learn about how we planned this extraordinary trip and about the amazing people of Banaue. Learn how the people cherish traditional ways and welcome outside visitors.

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Meet the People
Jerick Bitog
my guide

Jerick works as local guide ad helped plan my trip, arrange to have my tools made by the local blacksmiths, recommended where to stay and found someone to teach me. Banaue is a safe and friendly region but it is rugged and can still be dangerous. Do not try this without a local guide. I could not have done this without him.